About Me


I own 1 husband, 5 kids (3 still at home), 2 dogs and whatever assorted crawly things the 13 yr. old brings home to live in her room.  If others are Type A Do-It-All personalities, I am what must be a Type F-just-try-to-keep-your-head-above-water personality. My husband says I am a tugboat-I move large loads slowly.  It’s not about doing it all or doing it perfectly. It’s just about enjoying whatever it is that you happen to be doing.

Being a woman of scoliosis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis and migraines, I make sure I find a Happy Thought each day. So when I can’t knit, I laugh at Leverage and Emergency! reruns and my dogs. 

 I made a resolution to dance each day.  Migraine or no.  Wherever I am, whoever I’m with. I dance in the kitchen with the dogs, at the store in front of the children, or at the park with my husband.  It makes me smile.  And that’s what it’s about.

Remember-It’s not about doing it all or doing it perfectly-it’s about enjoying whatever it is that you do.  Let’s do it together.

TO CONTACT ME:  email- knittingthemomentATgmailDOTcom


3 Responses to About Me

  1. michelle york says:

    what a lovely lady you are…I’m going to enjoy meeting you in your blog.

  2. Michelle York says:

    Are you in Australia?

    • Marie says:

      No, Michelle, Iive in the gorgeous rainy Pacific Northwest. But I have friends in Australia who are in cahoots with me on the Medieval Knitting.

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