Doing Life with Company

I’m sitting at the orthodontist playing with my phone while Adrienne  gets her every 6 week lube and oil. I’m having one of those days wherein we will finish school just in time for dinner, crossing the finishline on fumes. I started out pretty well. But around 12:30, the truck hit me and I have since tanked. It will take all my determination to finish school and get something resembling dinner on the table for my people. If I had had a boy home this afternoon, I wouldn’t have driven. So, armed with a diet pop, a cell phone loaded with apps and a helluva lotta pluck, I find myself in the land of Tweeners and their parents, waiting for the nice man to check the progress of straightening teeth.

Getting back to Eric’s parents. They were here last week for a few days to do life with us. We took them to Fairhaven right off cuz it’s our favorite and we knew they would love it.

There was a Farmers market on the green-every Wednesday afternoon in the summer.

Nicole and Jude met us there so they could meet Jude for the very first time.

We stopped for Rocket Doughnuts….

  …played around with the bronze statue of JJ Donovan….


…and had coffee on the top floor of Village Books.   
 And we headed to Boulevard to visit the fake beach. For those of you that don’t know, Washington beaches are mostly rocky. They aren’t sandy like those California or Oregon beaches. So Boulevard took out a bunch of rocks and dumped a bunch of sand and now it looks and feels like you’re at the real beach. Sorta cool when you get over how funny it is. Anyway, I caught Eric and his folks walking on the path over the water, so I snapped a pic.  


It was a beautiful day and we were glad Len and Candy were here to live it with us.

Well, new bands are on and my girl is done for another couple months. Hope you’re having a lovely day.

Don’t forget to own it.

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