What is happening?  

Things are wonky with me these last few weeks. It started when Chris gave me a ride on his new motorcycle and I managed to lay that baby right down on its side at the gas station…with Chris on it. In my defense, I hadn’t been on a bike since high school. But still. It was one of those moments when as you’re doing the thing you know exactly how badly it’s gonna turn out but there’s nothing you can do to stop it. 

Thankfully, The bike was fine. I was fine. Chris was fine. And gracious. That boy is super gracious. 

The wonky comtined when I went to my cousin’s wedding in Tacoma. Dylan was driving and I was co-piloting, mesmerized by the little moving blip on my phone following the blue line that was leading us to the wedding. Suddenly the blue line went one way and the little blip went another because I had forgotton it was my job to tell the blip where to go. Dylan and I had a lovely drive round and round downtown Tacoma trying to get that blip back on that line. (Okay that’s harder than it sounds.) Thankfully, Dylan is a good sport and not easily irritated. He has also mastered the art of not laughing at his mother outloud in front of her. Bless him. 
Then, last week, I went to set a table upright again and reasoned the 20 lb wooden shelf that rests underneath would just fall back into place as I was working with gravity and all. Gravity bit me in the hiney, and as I was setting the thing up and the shelf began to fall and, as there was nothing I could do to stop it I thought, “this is not gonna end well”.  I ended up with 2 black and blue toes and walking in 5/8 time-(I’m rockin the whole limping thing)…the day before Eric’s parents came for a visit. 

Yesterday, I did a magnificent front flip double axle that was Olympic worthy as I tripped over the basket of Jude toys that I set on the floor next to the couch. 

One thing after another. I’m dropping stuff and forgetting stuff and if I didn’t know better I would think I’m pregnant. (Gosh I was a clumsy pregnant woman) My advice to everyone around me is if I’m carrying hot liquid or something sharp, best to give me a wide berth till this thing passes. 

On the upside, my hundreds of sticky notes and alarms on my phone helped me pull off another Korean Thanksgiving. 

The food was really really good. The sauces for the meat were from a jar at Safeway and we were all super impressed. We had Korean BBQ chicken and Sesame Ginger Pork. Oh. My. Goodness. SO good. 

I really love celebrating Korean (Asian) holidays. For one, I simply love other cultures and especially my girl’s. For another, many follow the lunar calendar so the dates vary each year. Love the randomness of it all. And by celebrating Thanksgiving in September or October, I can start decorating for Christmas early November and get 2 months of sparkly happy Christmasy stuff instead of only 1.  I win all around. (Quit groaning, I can hear you.)

We celebrated Welcome Home Day with our annual trip to the bakery. 

And we celebrated Molly’s 6th birthday. 

And it only took 132 sticky notes and 43 phone reminders to make it happen. We’re off to do school and hit the Firehall today. I’m going to try to get there without tripping, spilling coffee on anyone, or stabbing myself with a fork. 

Own the Day!

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3 Responses to What is happening?  

  1. locke5901 says:

    I swear it must be something in the air! It seems like lately I have been walking on eggs, concentrating on keeping my balance – hate having vertigo issues. Getting “physically” old (because of course I am NOT mentally old at all) really sucks!!!!

  2. ramblingtart says:

    I love you so much. XOXO You’re seriously my superhero. 🙂 And I’m shaking with laughter. It’s ALMOST as good as having you here with me. Almost. XOXO

  3. Karen says:

    What are those cute piggies made of?

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