The Last First

Eric’s parents came to visit. I’m going to try blogging from my new phone. I edited all photos on my phone that I took with my phone. Being part of the 21st century is exciting but has quite a learning curve when you’ve not used anything but a “dumbphone”. Bear with me.


On their last day with us we headed for -you got it-Port Townsend.  They hadn’t been here for nearly 10 yrs so we couldn’t leave out a ride on the boat.

Our first stop was lunch at Hillbottom pie.



Pizza is The Best I’ve ever eaten. $13 for a pie is more than enough for 2.



Eric and Len were so funny comparing and talking phones together.


I love this old bank building especially with the bikes out front.  Beautiful architecture.


But this is my favorite building right now  since someone loved it enough to repaint it.


 Don’t you love the old building advertising?


…and how about this Grand Old Lady? Ain’t she a beauty?

We strolled. We drank coffee. We window shopped. We ate pizza and bought chocolate at the candy store.  We laughed and ooohed over how cute Jude is. We got hot chocolate on the ferry.


We are glad they got to come and do life with us for a few days.  More to come. Now to hit publish and find out if I did it right-all from my phone!


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One Response to The Last First

  1. Karen says:

    My kids do really enjoy Sunday school with Len. Not sure what intrigues them so. He has always been such an interesting character!

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