Two Weeks Already

Can you believe it’s been two weeks since this little dude was born?  The weeks before the birth always seem to slow to a crawl, and then after the baby comes, those first couple weeks blur by no matter how hard we try to slow them down.

It took entire week for me to recover from the “jet lag” that being up all night caused.  A week before I didn’t need a nap till 3 p.m. after several mornings of being back in bed by 930 a.m.  I did pilates. I walked on the treadmill.  I weeded the front flowerbed.  And Adrienne and I met Eric in town for dinner and movie.

It’s crazy the difference in my health from day to day.  Crazy I say.

Enough of that.  That’s not why you’re here.  You’re here to see pictures of a cute baby. I shall not disappoint you. So, as Eric and Adrienne watch Pirates of the Caribbean (her favorite next to Jurassic Park), I have put together a little blog post for you full of Cute Baby Pictures.


photo 3 (4)

photo (2)

photo (4)


You deserve a couple pics from the hospital I didn’t post last time.  Last time was all about sweetness and the miracle of life.  Today is all about the reality that is us.  Here’s Papa in all his goofy glory while I was trying to get “Sweet 1st Grandpa and Jude Pictures” in the hospital. This is what I was dealing with:



As you can see by Jude’s face, he wasn’t terribly impressed with his first moments with his Grandfather.  But he’ll learn.  Eric will teach him all the goofy faces and how not to look normal for pictures.  Or Darren.  Neither of them can look normal for pictures.  That’s what we love about them.

Then Chris and Amanda came to meet Jude.



photo (16)

photo (15)

And we played a little cards…


…while Jude had Daddy time.  See that face?  Jude will come by it honestly.


And Chris introduced Eric to a new game…we now have “New Game Syndrome” as we call it at our house.  The air has that New Game smell.  (Some of you know exactly what I mean.)

photo (11)

I snuggled with Jude.

photo (12)

And then Jude slept in the cradle.  This is the cradle that was built for me when I was expecting Nicole.  Each of our babies slept in it.  Now grandbabies will sleep here.



I’m off to run errands with all 3 kids today and Owning my Day means it’s a party.   Celebrate everything.  Even running errands with your kids.   I hope you’re having a lovely day.  Own It.

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3 Responses to Two Weeks Already

  1. He’s just so beautiful! The whole thing must be amazing. So happy for you all.

  2. Tammy Frew says:

    I swear Jude has a permanent smile on his face…other than when he and Eric were making faces at you 😉 So happy for you

  3. ramblingtart says:

    Absolutely wonderful. Love every single picture and all your great comments sprinkled throughout. 🙂

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