They’re My Favorite

The house is quiet.  Summertime at my house means after Eric leaves for work at 7, I don’t see anyone till close to noon.  Teenagers and college students have close personal relationships with sleep.  I’m debating my day–whether to make scones and heat the house up on a day when the temps in my house will hover around 87 degrees, I really want to drive into town and buy yarn for a baby blanket for a friend that’s due in September, maybe stopping by and having lunch with Eric….so many choices, so little energy.

Today I want to tell you about a weekend we spent in Port Orchard hanging out with Chris and Amanda. They’re my favorite.

(And, because I know people will misunderstand me, let me be clear: They are ALL my favorite.   All the kids are favorite.  And they know it.  And they know what I mean when I say one is my favorite today.)

This weekend, we went to stay with Chris and Amanda; they were my favorite.  Both favorite.

They live in Port Orchard now, (after moving back from their 2 years in Arizona), which is on the same side of the water as Port Townsend.  It’s not urban like the Seattle side. It’s much quieter and slower and beautiful. They live on a gorgeous piece of property in the woods.


In the 25 years we’ve been in the PNW, Eric and I have never explored Port Orchard or Bremerton.  Look at this spectacular view of Seattle from across the water!!!  Do you see the Space Needle?


We drove to Bremerton next.  Amanda and I had found a Naval Museum online that we wanted to explore, so we parked and walked.  Look at my people! Aren’t they beautiful?



The Puget Sound Navy Museum is fantastic.  If you get a chance, do it. Go there. It’s completely free, updated with interactive computer things, interesting exhibits.  You feel like you’re on a ship.  And it’s in a cool old building with lovely people to answer your questions.


The exhibit that drew us there was the history of the connection of tattoos with the Navy called,”Skin Deep: The Nautical Roots of Tattoo Culture” .

There were 3 different themes to the exhibit:  Nautical Roots of Tattoo Culture, Tattoo Culture in War from the Civil War through WWII, and Renowned Sailors in Tattoo Culture.

They had lots of artifacts on display including an antique tattoo kit estimated to be from the 1920s and an interactive display where you can sit in a vintage chair and select a Sailor tattoo to be projected on your arm.   I tried to get a picture of that, but it was too dark in there, so I grabbed one off the internet so you could see:


(photo credit:


“A sailor without a tattoo is like a ship without grog: not seaworthy.”

~~19th century New York City Tattooist Samuel O’ Reilly


(photo credit:

Of course, we also goofed around on the displays.


We headed back to the car and ate our picnic lunch.  Then we headed to Kitsap Humane Society so Chris and Amanda could look at the dogs, not really planning on adopting, just wanting to look and dream a little….


…..and then they met Maddie and before we knew it we were doggy grandparents!  It was such a special thing to be there when Maddie first became part of the family.


A lovely visit with our favorite people.  We stayed 2 nights and then headed north and took the Port Townsend ferry back.  I can’t wait to go back and explore more of the area with them.

Time to drop some chicken in the crock and make those scones while it’s still cool enough.

Own the Day!

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