Crafting with Littles

This is the 3rd time I’ve crafted with these particular Littles and today they had some friends join us. And we rocked it.

Back in the days before chronic fatigue and headaches, this is who I was.  Cutting, pasting, painting, gluing, sticking, folding, messing….and if I can do all that with Little People, well, that would just make my day.  I don’t get too much opportunity to craft with Littles these days, so I’m especially happy that this happened:


Our fun included painting egg carton caterpillars.





Adrienne and Nicole (who is expecting her own Little next week), helped out.


We decorated and made paper summery lanterns.


And they ate dirt cups and worms.



Look at the cuteness; I can hardly stand it. Notice how she is holding her arms out? If you look close, you’ll see she has “wings” scotch-taped to her arms.  She was flying earlier.



Here you can see the lanterns all finished and they also made giant glasses of lemonade from construction paper, with lemon slices and ice cubes and giant straws.



This Little impressed us all with his crawling skills so much I had to get down on my belly and join him.  (My own crawling skills aren’t quite as impressive.)


And here we are after being creative together. Don’t we look happy?

A huge Thank You to their mamas, Sarah, and Jen, for sharing them with me.  It was a lovely fun time.  Your children are sweet, happy, cheerful, creative people–(it’s hard to believe I’ve known their daddies since they were not much older than this), a joy to spend time with.

And now I have *got* to go figure out what we’re having for dinner tonight.

Own the Day!

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2 Responses to Crafting with Littles

  1. jendickson says:

    Thanks so much for spoiling them this morning!!! You are too sweet!!!

  2. ramblingtart says:

    So, SO cute!! What an awesome crafty person you are. 🙂

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