Like Gibbs’ Rules, Only Better

In honor of being alive for a half a century (I turned 50 a couple months ago), I wrote down a smattering of things I’ve learned.  So without further adieu, and in no particular order of importance, I give you the following

21 Things To Never Forget:

1. Own the Day.


2. Just show up. Just keep showing up.


3. Love people fiercely.


4.  Jesus did it perfectly, so you don’t have to.

5. Not my circus, not my monkeys.

6. Do what makes your heart happy.


7. Kitchens are for dancing.

8. Each day work on creating something.


9. Never stop being curious-never stop learning.

10. There’s always a reason to celebrate. Celebrate everything.

11. Eat some chocolate every day.

12. Never be ashamed to be 7 years old.


13. No matter how bad the day, you can find Jesus in it–a string of Happy Thoughts .

14. When you’re stressed over some dumb little thing remember: In a hundred years we’ll all be dead and it won’t matter anyway.

15. The days are long, but the years are short.


16. Some days are just like that-some days you’re the dog, some days you’re the hydrant.

17. Sometimes you’re wrong…

18. …Say you’re sorry.

19. Be who you are.  Be who God made you.


20. Disney is always a good idea.


21. It’s a Crazy Beautiful Broken Life.  Own it.

And what do I think about being 50?  This says it perfectly:


Heh.  Own the Day!

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2 Responses to Like Gibbs’ Rules, Only Better

  1. Melody says:

    I LOVE this! Funny, most of those things I have learned along the way too! Love you, my special friend!

  2. ramblingtart says:

    Not my circus, not my monkeys – how I love that one. 🙂 And how I love YOU!! XO

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