When the Stars Align Over Port Townsend

 After our fun day at the zoo, I’m paying for it dearly–weak, achy, tired. So tired I can barely think.  So achy walking to the garage to get a pop is considerable effort. I’ve spent this beautiful day on the couch quietly knitting a wee baby sweater for a friend.  I knew I’d pay for that field trip for several days, but it was totally worth every minute of memories made. I would do it all over again.  It’s a crazy, beautiful, broken life–let’s own it.

So, as Leverage plays on netflix and Finn watches Adrienne eat popcorn (hoping some falls to the floor), I’m getting a post together to tell you about our recent trip to Port Townsend.

Eric, Chris and Mike all had the day off so we walked on the ferry to meet Chris (The only way the day could have been more perfect is if Amanda had been there, but she was out of town that day.)     Mikey hadn’t been to Port Townsend in several years.  He didn’t know about the Seattle’s Best hot chocolate machine. He didn’t know about the puzzles.  Tragic.  I’ve got to be better about getting this boy out.


This was goin to be such a great picture in my head…and then there’s Mikey….you gotta love this boy.


so I just cropped him out….

016-001I think Chris looks a lot like his dad, don’t you? And that cute dog there is Maddie.  Chris and Amanda adopted her not too long ago. Sweetest dog ever.



It was a typical day in Port Townsend.  The weather was gray and chilly.  There were happy people walking dogs of all shapes and sizes. There were old and young couples walking along the water, holding hands, enjoying the breeze on their faces.  And there were my kids, hanging out together.


And we found Mikey hanging from the rafters…


And this happened: Coolest bus ever.


And Mikey with that face again. Gosh that boy makes me smile.



They used to keep trout in this fountain.  There was a guy that even trained the trout to jump through hoops.  That’s what happens when there’s no internet, video games, tv, or radio; you train trout to do tricks. Wish I could have seen that.

We climbed the 4 flights of stairs to get a different perspective of Old Town:


Isn’t it beautiful?  I just stood and gazed at it, imagining what it must have looked and felt like back in circa 1900 when those buildings were in their glory and the streets were filled with horses and wagons.

Then we turned and found a cool old house:


…and ended our day with another view of our favorite building.


We walked back on the ferry at 4:15 and Chris and Maddie drove home with good memories tucked in our back pockets.

Own the Day!

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One Response to When the Stars Align Over Port Townsend

  1. ramblingtart says:

    Such a good, beautiful day with your loves. 🙂 How they make me smile. 🙂 The buildings are gorgeous!!!

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