We end 7th Grade at the Zoo

We went with the Clarke’s to the zoo to celebrate the end of science class, the end of the school year really, the end of 7th grade.  And we did all the normal zoo things. We fed parrots, watched the orangutans eat lunch,  the otters swim and play, we ate ice cream and rode the carousel.

Here are some of the highlights:





And one of the highlights was seeing this steam vac in its non-domesticated environment.  Good thing it was behind glass, we would have been afraid for our lives:037

Impressive, isn’t it?

And Nicole came with us too!  (Only 6 weeks till little Jude is born!)




It was a glorious day.055-001




Most interesting facts we learned today:

1. Orangutans like to eat with burlap bags draped over their heads.

2. Komodo dragons eat wild boar and water buffalo. They are the top of the food chain where they live.

3. Wallabies nap on their backs spread eagle just like my dogs.

4. Warhogs have wispy hair that looks like the worst comb-over in history.

068We ended our day with a ride on the carousel.  My horse’s name was Jasper.

Now on to summer vacation!

Own the Day!

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One Response to We end 7th Grade at the Zoo

  1. ramblingtart says:

    Such a fabulous day!!! I love the pics of you especially. 🙂 I miss my Parker girl. XO

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