Sweater for Wee One

We had a crazy, busy, beautiful weekend here.  Mikey turned 18.  I know! We can hardly believe it either-both that he could be that old, or that we could be that old.  (Although the fact that I turn 50 in a month, should’ve tipped me off.)  We had a family dinner, Mike smoked his first pipe, the “kids” (which are now all adults except for one) played Catan and pool, ate pizza and lemon meringue pie. And like the amazing person that I am, I scheduled the Seahawks to play the Super Bowl on his birthday.  We yelled and cheered, scaring the dogs to death, and then sat in stunned silence as they threw a pass on the 2nd down on the 1 yard line….which was intercepted causing the Seahawks to lose the game.  Holy Moly.  It was, all in all, a great weekend.  We know this, because we all spent today completely wiped out.

Awhile back, I finished this sweater.  It’s the Clara Sweater that can be found on ravelry.

Here’s the sweater before it’s blocked:


And after:


Blocking makes a huge difference.  I never used to block anything. I was just so happy and proud to get it off the needles that I didn’t want to take the time.  But now I block everything.  As you can see, it’s worth the extra time.

The sweet little baby girl destined for this sweater is due very very soon.  I canNOT wait!

Own the Day!

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One Response to Sweater for Wee One

  1. ramblingtart says:

    That sweater is SO darling. 🙂 I wish grown ups could wear things like that. 🙂

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