Bronson Grimbald finds his Happy Thought

A post dedicated to Grimbald’s trip to disney.

As we were packing up for our trip to Disney, Bronson Grimbald was being his normal cranky self, muttering about the gloomy weather and rain, and right then I decided he needed a trip to The Happiest Place on Earth.


So tucked him in my bag, and off we went.


He looked out the window as we flew over the San Juan Islands on a day with partly clear skies and muttered cranky things about not enough legroom and wanting his own bag of peanuts.


He drank Starbucks as we waited for our plane in Seattle and muttered about not seeing the point of a vacation to see a giant mouse.


The next morning, as we headed for Disney, he grumbled about having to ride in my purse.


He did enjoy photobombing our first photos of Disney.


He posed stoically in front of Big Thunder Mountain.


He photobombed while waiting at Star Tours–which turned out to be his favorite ride, by the way.


He ate lunch at Jolly Holiday Bakery.


He was an avid people-watcher.


He explored California Adventure with us.


And we began to see signs of his crankiness breaking down as we explored the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail…he loved the little waterfall.


He enjoyed watching The Mark Twain as we ate lunch at The Hungry Bear Restaurant.


Our last day there, Bronson Grimbald was up and waiting for us at the door, ready to get a move on into the park.  He’d finally found his happy thought.


He loved riding in the nose of the monorail with the pilot and a cute young couple from Phoenix.


He couldn’t get enough of the castle all decked out for Christmas.


He insisted on getting his picture taken with Mickey and then he wouldn’t stop talking about his very own Mickey ears.  We couldn’t do anything else until we found some for him.


Then he wanted a proper photo taken of him in front of the entrance to the park.


..and with the Christmas tree in Downtown Disney.  He wanted to go ice skating, but the rink wasn’t open.


Bronson had the best time and wouldn’t take his ears off the rest of the trip, even on the plane ride home.  In fact, he hasn’t taken them off since we got home.  He smiles constantly now, in a Bronson sort of way.

Every day he asks when we’re going back.  Next time, he want’s to meet Minnie.

Bronson Grimbald highly recommends Disneyland.  “But be warned”, he says, “no matter how cranky you are, you won’t be able to do anything except have a fantastic time.”

Never underestimate the power of a Mouse.

Own the Day!

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2 Responses to Bronson Grimbald finds his Happy Thought

  1. Kevin says:

    I love this. This was *SO* cute!!!

    I get dibs on taking Bronson next time!!!


  2. ramblingtart says:

    One of my favoritest posts EVER. 🙂 XO You are adorable, my friend. XO

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