Disneyland at Christmas

I took December off.  Sort of. We didn’t do any school and I tried to limit my effort solely to planning and enjoying the Christmas season…..

The exception was that Eric and I took a trip. Just the two of us.

To Disneyland.

It was all very quiet because we honestly didn’t know if we were going to have the  money to go until the very last minute.  The week before, we were still holding our breath and keeping our fingers crossed hoping the engine didn’t fall out of one of the cars, or the washing machine exploded or something equally huge that would have cost enough to prevent us from being able to go.

Quite suddenly it seemed, we were there.  Tank tops, sandals, sunscreen and our great big 7 year old selves.  I don’t think we stopped smiling for a minute.


Our hotel was right across the street from the Park


Always need a picture with Walt in front of the Castle. Look at all those poinsettias!  Poinsettias in the flower beds, poinsettias in hanging baskets; everything was decorated beautifully for Christmas.


We ate a couple times in the Jolly Holiday Bakery. (From the movie Mary Poppins.)  Oh such good food and coffee. The Matterhorn Macaroons were amazing!


The Jingle Cruise is one of the reasons I so wanted to do Disney at Christmastime.  All the Christmas packages destined for the explorers outpost had been lost in the jungle, and the animals had gotten hold of the decorations, baking ingredients and fruit cakes.  There were fruit cakes everywhere.


So I took Grimbald with us to Disney. Here he is waiting in line for the Jingle Cruise.  As you can see, he’s grumpy pretty much all the time and needed a bit of The Happiest Place on Earth.  (I will post separately about his visit to see Mickey.)


We left our 21 yr old son in charge of the house and we flew the coop.  We ate breakfast at Goofy’s kitchen. We rode Thunder Mountain Railroad.  We co-piloted the Mark Twain, riding up on the bridge with only the captain. We rode in the nose of the monorail.  We rode Peter Pan, and Star Tours. We stood and listened to all sorts of live music. We ate dole whips and Matterhorn macaroons and pineapple spears.  And all around the place was decorated with the signs of the season.  There were all kinds of Christmas trees and Christmas music was being played everywhere we went, while we wore sandals and tank tops in the 80 degree weather. We had the best time we’ve ever had.  We watched the fireworks over Sleeping Beauty’s castle which ended with snow…we were snowed on at Disneyland!

It was simply the best time we’ve had in our entire lives.  We’ve never had so much fun and felt truly like we’d had both a vacation and an adventure.


Eric wants to know who can guess where I was standing when I took this picture…do  you know?







It was a lovely fun special time.  We cannot wait to go back.  Maybe next year?

Own the Day!

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One Response to Disneyland at Christmas

  1. ramblingtart says:

    So much fun and happiness!!! I just love it. 🙂 The castle looks utterly gorgeous dripping with Christmas-y-ness. 🙂

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