Welcome 2015 and all your possibilities

New Years resolutions are all about doing something you hate, or something you’ve put off, or something you’re not good at and then resolving to kick it to the curb in the coming year.  Things like: lose weight, declutter the house, paint the kids’ room, organize the garage, exercise, don’t yell at the kids, quit smoking, get “A”s in school, floss, pay off debt….

And while not one of these things is a bad goal, it’s all negative.  And we all know how New Years Resolutions go, they get lost in the day to day living and by March we’ve either failed or forgotten about them and we feel worse than if we hadn’t made it a resolution at all.

As I was mulling 2015 and all it’s potential, and these 365 days of endless possibilities, I began to think of resolutions/goals/dreams, for the year,  and I thought about making 2015 a year of happy positive things.  Goals, dreams desires that make my heart happy, excited,  and encouraged to love people.

So I started scribbling down every little and big thing I could think of, that I wanted to do this year, and these headings emerged:



So here is part of the list that is still evolving and will be ongoing throughout the whole year:

LEARN: felt ornaments, watercolor, frost cookies, needle felt, oreo cookie balls, decoupage ceramic coasters, ice cube candles, 1 new thing about my camera, sorbet, woodburning….


Learning to make felt ornaments.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to be good at it. I just want to try and learn and enjoy the process of learning.  That critter above is supposed to be a fox and below are birds.


RECORD: make Toby shadowbox, SMASH Disney 2014, SMASH school year, write in DAYS journal…


CELEBRATE: our 50th birthdays every month, Lunar New Year, birthdays, Dylan’s grad…


Eric and I both turn 50 this year.  I decided I want to celebrate that every single month with something small.  these are for January: Cashews for Eric’s birthday on the 2nd and bowls for me on the 3rd.  


TEACH/INSPIRE: 7th grade home education

GIVE: 6 Pay It Forward people, hat and gloves for Eric…

GO/EXPLORE:  Port Orchard, Whatcom Falls, Vancouver, BC, Seattle Museum, Walk with Tulip Trekkers..

CREATE: Knit for me-hat, mitts, Knit for grandbaby, doodle/draw, Bible journal, new recipes in bread machine…


This is the hat I’m working on for me.  I literally knit and give everything away (except a couple pairs of socks).  I don’t own one pair of pretty Nordic mittens.  So I decided I would give myself permission to knit a few things for myself this year.

I encourage you to Dream.  Dream about what you’d like to do this year.

This list is just a jumping off point for my heart every day.  It’s a deliberate way to be focused on the happy things in my world.  It’s a deliberate way to be focused on lovely creative things and pressing in hard to every day and loving my people with a fierce and faithful love.

No matter what 2015 brings to our lives, may we be focused on the gift each day is to live and love.

And now, we’re packing up school and heading to the Firehall Cafe’.  Time to “inspire” some learning in my girl.  My love to each of you and remember to

Own the Day!

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One Response to Welcome 2015 and all your possibilities

  1. ramblingtart says:

    I absolutely love your lists, luv! They’re so jolly and fun and interesting and creative. 🙂 And your ornaments are so darn cute. 🙂

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