Folk Tale

As part of Washington State history we’ve been reading Folk Tales by both Americans (How Paul Bunyan dug the Puget Sound) and Native Americans (How Mt. Rainier taught a man what real wealth is).  Then Adrienne wrote her own Folk Tale:

How the Pacific Ocean Turned Blue


     Once upon a time, there lived two wolves, Skookum and Kloshe.  Skookum was the daughter of Kloshe. They lived along the Pacific Ocean.  At this time, the ocean was brown and dark. Skookum and Kloshe would eat fish and fruits for meals and occasionally swim for fun.  Every time they went hunting, they would watch the seals and Orca whales swim by.

     One day Kloshe got sick and died. Skookum thought it might have been a parasite her mom caught from a salmon.  After Kloshe, died, her body turned into a sparkling blue crystal, about the size of her paw. Skookum carried the crystal to the Pacific Ocean and put the crystal in the dark water where Skookum and Kloshe would hunt and swim together.

     Suddenly, the ocean dazzled and turned blue. The seals danced and the Orca whales sang. Even the salmon swam in a special pattern. All the creatures were excited that the Pacific Ocean was no longer brown but beautiful and blue.

And that’s how the Pacific Ocean turned blue.


Today, I took Adrienne to have lunch with her friends at MP3 and we went to have coffee with Nicole.  Adrienne read about Sacagawea while Nicole helped me update the look of my blog and then we just sat and visited together.



We’re home now, I’m tired and my head is pounding, but it was worth being with both the girls at a cozy coffee shop.  Now I’m waiting for Eric to get home so we can play our new golf game together.

Hope you’re up to happy things today. Cheers!

Own the Day!

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2 Responses to Folk Tale

  1. ramblingtart says:

    What a wonderful folk tale! I absolutely love it. 🙂 And what a lovely day out with your girls. 🙂

  2. Kevin says:

    While I know that home-schooling is a really hard thing (I doubt I could do it), it’s stories like this that make me see the true wonder and value!!

    You *GO*, Mom!!!


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