Odds and Ends and Knitting, too

It’s a clear cold morning.  The wind is whipping down through the Frasier Valley and making our nights below 30 degrees.  I’ve got the gas fireplace cranked up and my fake coffee keeping me warm.  Of course, the dogs sleeping on my feet are helping, too.  I’m waiting for my girl to rise and shine so we can get school started (and finished) for the day.

I’m up to my neck in planning for Thanksgiving.  Eric is working on THE day, so we’re doing Thanksgiving on that Saturday.  And for the first time since our people got married, we’ll have everyone here for a holiday!  SO fun.  I’ve got a list of stuff we can do and all we can eat, and a secret project I’m working on, too.

Other news, here’s the update on the baby dress I’m making for a friend.  A few years ago, I would have had to say my friend’s son.  I watched this kid grow up.  I’ve known him since he and Nicole were 4 ish years old. Now he’s not my friend’s kid anymore, he’s my friend and his sweet wife, too.  And together they are having a baby, which totally blows my mind.  Not that they are having a baby- I can totally grasp them being old enough to have babies, I have a harder time grasping that I get to be friends with them-no longer Mrs. Sutherland. I get to be Marie, and play Auntie and knit baby things for them.  It’s so much fun and so lovely I can hardly stand it.  I love going from Mrs. Sutherland, to just Marie, walking through life together as adults. It’s happened with my niece and her husband, and my own kids and their spouses.

Anyway, I digress.  Here’s the sweater dress for baby girl.  I’ve finished the skirt part and have started the yoke.


And here’s the baby boy sweater I sent to my niece for her little dude that’s due to join life’s party in the next month:


Yesterday was our Creative Day in school, so we messed around with painting daisies with acrylics. Mine is on the left–the square daisies. Adrienne obviously has more experience with brushes and painting with all her art classes, mine’s pretty bad, but I totally had a ball.


Adrienne’s medium of choice these days is watercolor, so after daisies she painted butterflies with the help of a lovely YouTube video. (How did I ever home educate before YouTube? Seriously. Google, Wikipedia, YouTube. So much easier.)



And Dylan and I made an executive decision last night: Christmas dinner this year will be Authentic Mexican.  I’m now pinning all sorts of tamale recipes and looking for a good (easy) recipe for Rosca de reyes or King’s Day bread. (If you have one, would you share it with me?)

We’re decorating for Christmas today. It’s that time of year when the Autumn/Thanksgiving decorations mingle and party with the Winter/Christmas decorations.  We need a bit of Nat King Cole Christmas music to set the mood.

Own the Day!

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