Will it float?

A few days ago, we had science class…in the bathtub.  We’re studying water this week, and volume and what floats and what doesn’t and why. I confess that I don’t have much of science brain.  My brain tends to see life in terms of color and paper and glue and yarn and what excuse we have for another celebration.

I’m grateful for smart science people that write curriculum that I can teach my kid while learning with her.  I do’t have to be an expert in order to teach it. Brilliant.


So if the tin foil ball with 5 pennies in it sinks, why does the foil with 52 pennies on it float?


And if the potato sank and the apple is the same size and mostly the same weight, will the apple sink also?

Will the apple float?

I have no idea why the tinfoil boat thingy floated when the same sized tinfoil all scrunched up into a ball with only 5 pennies in it sunk like a rock. But I’m gonna go google that and find out.  I’m thinking buoyancy or displacement. Those are words that whispered in my ear from some long ago science class. Or I’ll ask Dylan and Eric. Probably that.  Dylan and Eric totally get things like buoyancy and displacement while they have nothing whatever to do with crayons and paper and glue.

In the meantime,

Own the Day!

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