1st day of home education: Field Trip!

In the interest of Home Education, Washington State History and a good dose of mom/daughter time, Adrienne and I headed to Port Townsend all by ourselves.   It was a rainy and windy- Whip Your Hair Into Your Mouth Day-your typical Autumn day in the Puget Sound, when the ferry schedule is literally 1/2 of it’s summer self and there are signs everywhere warning walk-ons that the ferry can be cancelled without warning due to bad weather so you may get stranded on the other side without wheels.

Adrienne and I like to live dangerously, so in spite of rough waters and fierce wind, we boarded anyway, willing to consider it a grand adventure if we got stranded in Port Townsend. Let’s face it, worse things could happen than being forced to take a vacation day in a cute town by spending the night in an old Victorian hotel.


We waited for the ferry.  Instead of the normal 3 dozen walk-ons, there were only 4 of us.


We found our favorite hot chocolate machine.  My affection for this machine goes far beyond anything normal.  I truly want to adopt it and let it sleep in my room.



We ate snacks while we talked geography and history on the 30 min ride to town.


We walked through town, browsing our favorite shops.


We had lunch at the Nifty 50s diner.


And played the old juke box with its 45 records.  Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, of course.


A fun thing about the town is that many of the businesses leave bowls of water outside for dogs.  Did you know you can walk on the ferry with your dog?


Adrienne’s favorite color is teal.  She loved this chandelier.


One of our favorite stores.

We bought a few things:


Adrienne found necklaces that she loved. The pendant was a little glass corked bottle with a tiny rolled up paper inside like people used to throw into the sea in the olden days.  they wanted $22 for it.  Instead, we went to the Very Cool Bead store and bought the little bottle for .60 cents.  She strung it on a piece of twine.

I bought this for Eric:


When we used to camp, I would tell Eric how sexy the woodsmoke made him as we sat around the fire….with “Campfire Cologne”, now we don’t even need the fire.  Totally cracks me up.

We found a store that sells local Native American art and designs:


We had done some reading about the Coastal Native Americans.  We are lucky to have rich Native American culture in the Northwest. One of the cool things we learned about the Native Americans from long ago is that they would have potlatches which  is a gift-giving feast practiced by indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest.  The more they gave away, the more they were respected.  As we walked through town, we found a store called Mypotlatch which is full of local Native American art, jewelry, blankets, etc.  I bought that cute bag you see above.  Here’s their Website if you’re interested.


By the time we were ready to walk back on the ferry, the rain and wind had stopped and the sun peeked through.  Darn it.  No hotel for us tonight.


But that made it a good day to get pictures as the ferry was leaving.  Not always the case.  Look how calm the water is.  Completely different than when we rode over.



And for the first time ever-we saw a submarine.  The Whidbey Island Naval Base is close by.  The jets are often practicing over the island,  but this is the first time we’ve seen a sub.  Pretty cool way to end our day.  We talked all about Fort Worden on the Port Townsend side, and Fort Casey on the Coupeville side, why they were there and what they were about. That’s another trip we’ll do in the spring.

In the meantime, Adrienne is writing a paper about our trip and creating her photo album online.  School is officially in session.

Own the Day!

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