A photo lesson: At Ground Level

Eric and I went to Fairhaven to take a walk on a lovely gray autumn day.  We went looking for something a bit different this time. We were looking for things “at ground level”.  It was a photo prompt I’d been given.  I’m not a photographer by any stretch, but I love to take pictures. And honestly, we had a really fun time with it.  Usually we’re staring up at the buildings and their architecture-wondering about the people that built the buildings or shopped in the building or lived in the building.

But this time, we were staring at the ground, the sidewalks, the flower beds, the tree roots.


First, though, Eric had a visit with “Jack” Donovan, the newest sculpture in town. Then we took a few pictures…



Fairhaven has plaques all over. But you have to be looking down to see them, obviously.  We found several in places where the landscape isn’t being taken care of anymore.  We almost didn’t see them.




The Interurban trail at ground level. This was very interesting.  From normal height, this was a lovely curving trail that meandered back into the trees.  But from ground level, that perspective is completely lost.


(photo by Eric)



(photo by Eric)


 And I had to get a picture of Fairhaven in the fall.  The trees are gorgeous right now.

I was so inspired by this exercise to look at things from a different perspective then eye level, I’m looking forward to taking the camera and Eric and looking at the world from ground level.  Or perhaps hip level or looking down at things, I don’t really know. But whatever it is, we’ll have fun doing it.


Own the Day!

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2 Responses to A photo lesson: At Ground Level

  1. lenandcandy says:

    Wow! Love the pictures you both took. I can’t wait to see what is next.

  2. Teresa says:

    Morning Marie, do you add to your pictures or are the colors that viberant? Beautiful! Miss you! Have a great day!

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