Home Education Reboot

It’s been a rather big week at our house.  We made the decision that as of this Tuesday, I will be a full time home education mom again.  I’ts been several years since I home educated full time.  But things just aren’t going the best at school for Adrienne.  She and her learning disabilities are getting lost in the cracks in spite of how hard I’m trying to work with the school to make sure that doesn’t happen. In middle school, school is largely lecture based or textbook driven, which is completely reasonable. But Adrienne doesn’t learn that way.  And since educational options are limited, and since I have 21 years home ed. experience, it isn’t  difficult to decide to bring her home to school.

The last time I was home schooling full time,  I had 3 kids in school.  With this reboot, I only have 1.  And I’m telling you, I’m pretty stoked about it and all the stuff I can do that I couldn’t do before when I had a sophomore, middle schooler and a 3rd grader.


My brain only has to focus on one grade,  instead of 3.  One math class instead of 3.  One science, one history, one English class. I only grade papers for 1, ride herd on one, manage 1…

So I dove into the great abyss of home school resources at our house and dug out some pretty cool stuff. She had English at MP3, she has English at home.  We’re going to start by writing newspaper articles.


After that, we’re going to write children’s stories which Adrienne will illustrate for us.

At Mp3, she had WA state history. At home, she’ll have WA state history.  We are going to learn about the history of Port Townsend and then head there this week.  Adrienne requested this– Just the two of us taking the ferry over and spending the day together.  She will document our trip by being in charge of the camera. We’ll research and discuss the purpose of Fort Worden, the importance of this seaport, the architecture, the Sound, all of it.  Then she will use an online program called Mixbook to begin to create a photobook.  She will take pictures and document our entire school year.  She had digital yearbook at Mp3, she has digitial yearbook at home.


Nicole (and Darren) came and got us all set up on Mixbook. (Actually Darren and Dylan chilled on the deck smoking cigars and pipes while Nicole worked with Adrienne and our dinosaur computer.) She showed Adrienne how to use the program and…


took selfies to practice downloading pictures to it.  Adrienne’s job will be to fuss with and learn the program and functions to create a yearbook for us.

Let’s see, that’s English/writing, art (illustrating our children’s books) digital yearbook (computer), WA state history/geo, and of course, we’ve already been doing math and PE at home.  That leaves science.  We are joining forces with friends twice a week to do science and all the experiments together.  All of that will be documented by Adrienne’s camera and put into our yearbook.

School looks very different than when Nicole was 12 and I had a 7th, 6th, 3rd grader and a 4 year old.  Or when Christian was 12, and I had a high schooler, middle schooler, 6th and 2nd graders and a toddler.  Having only one student gives us so much freedom to go on field trips and do hands on project-based learning, which is exactly what Adrienne needs.

So that’s my week.  Never a dull moment around here.

Oh, and I’ve been knitting a wee baby sweater for my grandnephew that is going to join life’s party in December.


Own the Day!

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5 Responses to Home Education Reboot

  1. ramblingtart says:

    I am SO excited for you guys!! I can feel the hope in your “voice”, the anticipation, the real plans that take so much stress out of Adrienne’s education. HOORAY! HOORAY! 🙂

  2. Abigail L says:

    I love that you are able to do these things with Adrienne! How special for both of you! I highly recommend doing science with a buddy…Kaisha and I did that and we had so much fun with the experiments that would have otherwise been boring. Enjoy your school year together! =)

  3. Melody says:

    I LOVE everything about his and am actually jealous!!! I loved homeschooling and still miss it. You are going to have so much and you already have a good grip on what you want to do and how. Can’t wait to see all the fun you will have.

  4. Melody says:

    *fun, you’re going to have fun.

  5. It’s lovely to read about an excited homeschooler! It’s inspiring. It makes me smile. Enjoy the journey!

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