Smash and Doodle

I’m finally putting pictures and things from Disneyland last year into the album.  (We went with the kids in April and then Eric and I went without them in October.) So much time has passed, that I can’t remember which pictures were from which trip and nearly all the little tickets and stubs, and postcards have gotten lost.  So I’m doing my best to jazz it up and just decided to  throw all the pics I could find into 1 album, dub it: The Trip With The Kids, and call it good.  In my world, some projects just go like that.



I did manage to find some airline stubs for this page.

The album I have is not photo driven as the current definition of “scrapbooking” defines itself.  I abandoned scrapbooking several years back as it was too fussy for me–each page its own perfect work of art.  It just wasn’t me and I wasn’t good at it at all.   This is more ‘stuff” driven, like scrapbooks were when I was kid–stuff crammed and glued in a hodge podge kind of way, sticking out the sides and falling out the top.

This quote states it perfectly:


“The truth is that it’s not really about this stuff at all. It’s about the evidence of living, the proof that I was here: thought some thoughts, lived some life. These bits are simply meant to jog the memory into remembering…”

And each page in the album is already a different kind of fun paper so all you do is glue stuff in and grab a pen and write down what you remember (each album comes with a pen that’s a glue stick on one end and a pen on the other).  It’s low stress-high yield.


Obviously I’m not done with these pages yet-I still need to scribble thoughts and memories on them. I did find a couple Park passes and threw them in there but the Disneyland map I printed from the internet. I have no idea where all the maps went that we had when we were there. (at one point we had a gazillion)


(I’m learning to  free hand celtic knots…that’s what that’s supposed to be on the upper left. More on those later.)


Working on the album has put Disney so much on my mind, I started a doodle for Disney.  Still doodling.  Still makes me so happy.  I love having something that keeps my hands busy when my brain is on hiatus and I can’t knit.


This is the last page of the album.  I’m going to write a letter to Walt Disney to thank him for our trip.

I have resolved to buy another Smash album and dub it 2015 and smash stuff every bit of our little lives all year long: trips to the beach or Port Townsend, holidays, every day things, all of it.  We’ll see how that goes. (Yeah, I hear you snickering.)  🙂

Own the Day!

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One Response to Smash and Doodle

  1. ramblingtart says:

    What a fun and creative and totally YOU thing to do. 🙂 I love it. 🙂 And that quote makes me happy. I think that’s why I blog. 🙂

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