Fairhaven Self-Guided Tour

It’s a lovely summer day.  The wind is gently blowing the sun is shining and there are sounds of birds and dogs and someone in the neighborhood mowing their lawn.  It smells a bit of camping (my kids will know what that means.) And I’m dreaming of Fairhaven. Again with Fairhaven. We can’t help it.  We love it there.  We love the buildings, the architecture, the old crumbling brick, the faded paint on the sides of the buildings that used to advertise for businesses over a hundred years ago.

And because of being so enamored with it, a couple months ago we discovered this amazing thing we can do: with Eric’s amazing phone, we can take a self guided tour, googling the names and years of the buildings and reading about them, who built them and why, and what they became over the years.

image (16)-001

“T.E. Monahan had his first saloon, The Board of Trade, on the original wagon trail that connected Fairhaven with towns along the bay. As Fairhaven prospered, Monahan decided to relocate to 11th St. He put up this building and opened for business on February 1, 1891,  He featured the finest wines, liquors and cigars, and named his saloon The New Board of Trade. Respectable people, it was said, felt comfortable here and enjoyed the class of such elegance as the thick velvet draperies. “

image (18)

(The building on the right.) “Constructed shortly before the Depression of 1893, the Pythias Building served as a meeting hall for several of the Secret Societies of Fairhaven such as the United Workmen, Elks, American Yeomen, Rathbone Sisters, and the Woodsmen of of America…… A speakeasy did business here during Prohibition.”


(I think this is the Schering Building, but I can’t remember for sure.)

Considering we took pictures with our phones, I think they came out pretty well.  (especially considering my wee phone is so old it barely beats out the ones with antennae.)

We are going to head back, walk a different path and read about the history of the Chinese in Fairhaven. We also plan on doing this with Port Townsend at some point.  Just Eric and me.

You should try it. Find an “historic or old town” part of where you live, with buildings that have names and/or dates on them, and google them. It’s fascinating. And the architecture is beautiful.  These old buildings are just waiting to tell us their story.

And I love that.

Own the Day!

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One Response to Fairhaven Self-Guided Tour

  1. ramblingtart says:

    I love this!!!! What a fantastic thing to day. 🙂 I’m hoping, once we have money and time again, to work our way through historical sites in the nearby towns: pubs, inns, properties, etc. I can’t wait!!

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