A Letter to Adrienne


12 years ago today we held her for the first time.

Dear Adrienne,

12 years ago this morning, we were standing at the airport wondering if you would be on the plane that was due to land in an hour.  There were hitches: your health was the biggest, dad’s job, the cancelled flight.  All around me was all this excitement and energy because Mia was due to come in on the same plane, but I just couldn’t let myself be excited in case there was a problem and you didn’t come.

 I’d been walking by your picture every day for the last few months, blowing you kisses, talking to you, watchin the clock, calculating the time difference so I would know what you were doing at whatever time of day it was.  And all I wanted that morning, more than anything in the world was just to touch you, just to take all this abundance of love that had been pent up for so long, and splash it all over you.

And so we waited.  And wondered.  And prayed.

And suddenly I heard Kristine’s voice.  “Here they come!  BOTH of them.”

And there you were!  With that huge head of hair and those chunky arms.  Suddenly all the waiting fell away and there was only that moment that our family was all together in one place for the first time.

So today we celebrate the gift of you.  We celebrate all the amazing details of your birth and home coming.  We are all so thankful for you.  You are such a bright spot-the way you love people without discrimination.  You teach me every day how to love others better, stronger, more fiercely.

We adore you.

Welcome Home.

Love, Mom

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5 Responses to A Letter to Adrienne

  1. Leslie says:

    I love this so much! seriously made me want to cry. What a precious thing to share with Adrienne. She is a sweet heart.

  2. Beautiful. She is beautiful. Your heart for her is beautiful. God’s signature on her story. All of it. So grateful to have watched up close those months. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. kelly bradshaw says:

    I did cry, it was beautiful

  4. Kevin says:

    I know that feeling.

    That feeling of anticipation that you know will change your life forever. A split-second that defines what you were with what you are.

    So happy for Adoo to have the best family she could ever have.



  5. ramblingtart says:

    Love this so much, love you, love her. XOXO

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