Note to Self-

Dear Self,

Welcome to today!  It’s a new day-NEW-never been lived in before.  No one has ever seen today.  No one knows what today will be like. You may or may not feel well. It might be an easy day.  It might be a hard day.  Either way, it’s your day.


Don’t let it get by you.  Be deliberate.  Create, be kind, exercise, laugh, love the people around you, rest if you’re weary, inspire others, make memories.

Notice the every day familiar things as distinct–Hear the way the trees whisper to each other when the wind blows.  Feel the rain or sunshine touch your face. Listen to the sounds of life all around you-your children laughing, the train, the neighbor mowing their lawn. Drink in the smell of your husband’s cologne. Splash in a puddle.  Blast the radio and dance in the car.  Let the dogs lick your face.

Today you’re alive. So LIVE.

Your Friend,




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3 Responses to Note to Self-

  1. Audrey says:

    This is awesome!! Love your outlook on life and soaking up those beautiful moments each day. 🙂

  2. Nicole W says:

    Oh excellent! Love this! Thanks for the reminder. Love you.

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