Knit and Doodle

On the knitting front I’ve been largely uninspired since the chevron baby blanket.  I find when I push myself to finish something like that, –long and repetitive, on a deadline–I lose a certain amount of Inspiring Creativity. And there’s nothing to do but sit back and wait for it to come back round again.  It always does, but it also always makes me wonder if one of these times it won’t,  and I’ll be stuck here with my head wanting to knit, but my heart completely lacking the desire, which makes absolutely no sense when you say it out loud like that.  Yet, there it is.  So while I’ve been waiting for my heart to catch up with my head, I’ve been doodling in my pretty red book.




This last one is obviously still in process.  I’m doodling it for a friend and soon it will get sent far away to brighten her day. What you can’t see are the sparkles.  Some of those colors are all glittery and sparkley. Which is really super fun.

Then, quite suddenly, the Inspired Desire to Knit begins to burn again somewhere deep inside, and off I go, with way more I want to knit than there are hours to knit it:

I have officially finished knitting hats for the coming winter.  I really wanted a decent looking pattern for guys and found this:



(And it looks pretty good on girls, too.) It’s simple enough to knit when I’m brain dead and has some pretty great style to it.  I found it on Ravelry here:

As I’ve finished all the hats, I’m moving onto knitting boot cuffs for all the females in my life- to be Christmas presents.  I’m writing my own boot cuff patterns using this:


I’m also knitting a sweater for my great niece or nephew that’s due at Christmastime.  I was going to sit and down knit a wee newborn sweater cuz I’m just so stinkin’ excited about this baby, but I think I’ll wait till I know what gender they think it is and then look for some really soft amazing yarn and obsess about which adorable pattern to knit.  The anticipation is half the fun.

Instead, this is the back of a sized 2-3 toddler my niece’s baby.  It will have a hood and zipper.  I made one years ago and it’s totally cute all made  up.


I was knitting in car while I waited for my 17 yr old to do the paperwork for a new job he’s starting.

And I restarted this dollie.


Can you even stand the cuteness?

We’ve got a week of clear sunny skies and warm temps in our forecast–I can’t wait to spend some time outside on the beach with my toes in the sand, sipping diet pop, knitting, and watching the dogs chase waves.

Own the Day!

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4 Responses to Knit and Doodle

  1. Kevin says:

    You are *amazing*!!!!!



    • asplashofgrace says:

      You are such a great cheer leader, my friend. Thank you for always being so supportive. 🙂

  2. Love this. Your description of the creative process. I think you’re spot on. You just gotta wait. It’ll come.

    • asplashofgrace says:

      Thanks, Kristine, it always makes me a little nervous. But so far it has always come back. This time I’m glad it’s come back in the form of our little dollie. I can’t wait to get her done.

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