Stellated Icosahedrons and Summer Fun Things

The Summer Planning has begun.  Mike and Dylan will be working, and since Adrienne has no other sibs to spend time with, she’s pretty much stuck with me.  I’ve been collecting ideas of things we can do together so the poor child doesn’t wither away from the boredom of it all.

One thing on the list is, of course, continued work with origami.  We met with our friend, Kari, that has helped Adrienne pursue and enjoy folding paper into amazing shapes.  Recently, we met Kari for lunch, where she coached Adrienne to make this:





It’s a Stellated Icosahedron, aka The Spiky Ball, made from 30 squares of paper each folded into a Sonobe Unit and carefully assembled together into the shape above without using any glue or tape —

(and it was very important to Adrienne that she complete the ball without glue or tape because technically it ceases to be origami if you use something to hold it together.)

The little one in the above picture isn’t the same shape as the big one, though they look similar, and therefore is put together a different way.  It’s all very confusing to me as I can never remember the difference between mountain and valley folds.  My job is to provide the paper, take pictures, and cheer wildly.


These origami paper dolls  also made the Summer Crafty Things To Do List. And the Bellevue Arts Museum has an origami collection on display. We’ve got a field trip in the works.

Other things on the Summer Crafty Things To Do List are:

Things with buttons


Things with dye: batik


Things with sugar: Rock Candy


Things that look like other things: the impression of sushi:


This amazing plate of sushi was made by Eric’s Aunt and Cousins. Aren’t they so stinkin’ clever?

Things with beads: barefoot sandals


Things with wax: candles


And this summer Adrienne is keeping a smash album.  Instead of photo driven like the present day definition of “scrapbooking”, this is like scrapbooking back in the day–she will gather ticket stubs, postcards, flyers, sand, twigs, leaves, petals–whatever and smash them into an album as a keepsake of her summer.


You’ll notice not one thing on this list involves yarn and needles.  My girl has got all kinds of creativeness happening but it does not manifest itself in knitting or anything close to it.  My passion for knitting isn’t hers. I love this about her.  She stretches my own creativity and gets me off my hiney and doing brand new things.

Got anything fun planned at your house? I’d love to hear what you’re doing!

Own the Day!

(most pics yanked from pinterest-you can check my pinterest board labeled “crafts” if you want the “how tos”.)
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