Coffee Kids

Coffee isn’t just a beverage in the Pacific Northwest, it’s part of the culture like the tulip and raspberry fields, ferry rides and rain. It’s an event.  I took the kids for coffee while we were waiting for Eric one day and asked them what they wanted.  They glanced at the menu and rattled off:

“12 oz white chocolate mocha with whip”

 (“spruce” on the cup is the size)


It kinda cracked me up.  When I was their age, coffee was just coffee-gross and bitter-something adults drank with breakfast-never in the middle of the day. I would have had no idea about ordering coffee like this. But there you go.  A sign of the times and living in the Pacific Northwest.





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4 Responses to Coffee Kids

  1. Kevin says:

    Paden has discovered coffee. Decaf only for now, and only on the weekends.

    But the days we stop at Starbucks before school, he still tries to sneak one by me….

    • asplashofgrace says:

      What’s his favorite Starbucks’ coffee? My kids all have sweet tooths at the moment so it’s only the sweet mochas and things for them.

  2. ramblingtart says:

    I love your kids. 🙂 I love you. 🙂 Wish I could be there sharing coffee with all of you. XO

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