Flying Kites

I can’t remember ever flying a kite before.  I don’t know why that wasn’t something we did as kids, but we didn’t.  So last year I had a brilliant idea; buy Adrienne a kite for her birthday and we would *have* to go fly it!  So here we are 11 months later and the kite hasn’t been out of the box.  Until today.

Today we met Leslie and Lona for a picnic and kite-flying at Zuanich Park.  Leslie is clever and does all sorts of cool handy things at her house so I knew she could help me figure out how to put it together and get that thing up in the sky.  What I didn’t know is that they have a kite that they’ve been flying for 19 years!  She was a pro.


It was a perfect day with the wind blowing in off the water.


We ate lunch.


And made a new friend.


Lona and Leslie

And flew kites.




With a smile on my face I’m crossing off an item on my bucket list.  (Well, 2 actually. When you’re only 7 yrs old in a 49 yr old body, you’re bucket list is full of things like “fly a kite” and “eat lunch with a seagull”.)  And Adrienne was beaming. We both had a fantastic time.

Own the Day!

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One Response to Flying Kites

  1. Kevin says:

    That is *SOOOOOOO* wonderful!!!!

    I *LOVE* kites. I don’t know if you remember my apartment (where I live with my only roommate, Artoo), but it was decorated with kites on the wall.

    Hugs and Kisses!!!!

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