3 Random Things on a Tuesday

1. There are 4 weeks left of the school year. Which means in 4 weeks I will have a Senior at Western Washington University, a Senior in high school and a SEVENTH grader.  I’ve been telling myself these facts the last few days and I STILL can’t wrap my head around it.

I saw an old friend the other day that asked how the kids were. When I got to Mikey being 17 and driving she said she couldn’t believe it.  She remembered when he quoted Colossians 3 with all the hand motions when he was 4 years old–a lifetime ago.  It’s crazy.

2. This morning at breakfast:


Eric: Would  you like a cup of coffee babe?

Me: No thanks I already had some of that cold stuff I have in the frig.  I love it.

Eric: Do you want some heated?

Me: Eewwww. No. It’s supposed to be cold.

Eric: It’s basically chocolate milk you know.

Me: I know, but I can call it coffee and feel like a grown up.

3. How does it happen? Yesterday as I was thinking and planning my today, Tuesday, and there seems to have been 2 of them. The Tuesday I had a hair cut scheduled and school to do, and the Tuesday where I had to do Costco and Mike has a friend coming over after school. All day long, two different Tuesdays were rumbling around in my wee brain. But I didn’t even realize it.

This morning, there was a 3rd Tuesday. I’m not well enough today to hit Costco (seriously, you have to be in pretty decent shape to navigate the crowds, sample tables and the rudeness), this 3rd Tuesday would be devoted to getting school done and having Mike’s friend this afternoon. I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with a new plan and figuring out how to squeeze out a dinner plan with no food in the house…until I was blow drying my hair and suddenly remembered (too late of course) that I was supposed to be at my hair appointment in Bellingham (30 min away)…

I honestly don’t get how these things happen, and they are happening much more frequently lately.  I write everything on the calendar and on sticky notes–there are sticky notes everywhere, and I still get things all jumbled up in my head.  

“Maybe that stuff she uses on her hair has gone to her brain!”  ~The Happiest Millionaire

Anybody else having 3 Tuesdays today? 

Own the Day!

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One Response to 3 Random Things on a Tuesday

  1. ramblingtart says:

    Oh gosh! Three Tuesdays would be utterly overwhelming. 🙂 I’m so glad I’m not the only one with a jumbly brain. 🙂

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