Mid-Week Break in La Conner


It was a glorious day in La Conner. Eric had decided we should take Adrienne and just get away before his busy weekend.

We drove by the tulip fields, but didn’t stop–we’re hoping they’re still in their glorious splendor tomorrow or Tuesday for a field trip.

10152598_10152036987501476_3764111259668536466_n(photo credit: violinvixen)




We walked through the little town with all it’s artsy farty shops-wood and metal sculptures, paintings, glass work and repurposed art,  and wandered down to look at the boats in the channel. We ate ice cream and laughed and joked and totally enjoyed having Adrienne all to ourselves with her fun sense of humor and the things she points out that we would never have noticed without her.


Then we headed for dinner.  While we waited for our food, the server gave us crayons and paper to keep us happy.  I’m sure he meant it for Adrienne, but I wasn’t about to be left out. So we shared the paper-I drew on one end and Adrienne drew on the other: 001

This is my side of the paper-doodles everywhere.

And this was Adrienne’s, done freehand with a crayon…003

I think she’s pretty amazing.


They shared a wood fired pizza while THIS was my food.  Oh my gosh it was SO delicious. Truth be told, I could live without the salad, but it was fine…for a salad.


Since finishing and mailing the latest mitts to their new home, I’ve reorganized all yarn, bins, bags, scraps, notions, everything.  I found projects I forgot I was working on.  🙂  Isn’t that the way?  I get so excited—-squirrel!!! and then I’m off on another.  This is the baby blanket.  I haven’t decided if the colors are really gonna work together. I can’t make that call until after I’ve knit each of the 5 yarns together to see if they are able to be friends.

Own the Day!

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One Response to Mid-Week Break in La Conner

  1. ramblingtart says:

    What a wonderful beautiful day with your loves. 🙂 I love the light and the colors and the happy memories you made. 🙂

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