Adventure Fail

All 5 of us headed for the Whatcom Museum this afternoon.  We hadn’t been for a million years.  ie. we hadn’t been since they built the new huge building with all the windows. (isn’t it gorgeous?)


The Lightcatcher building

They moved the old Children’s Museum into this building along with “exhibits”. The current exhibit is a Native American art exhibit.

I love Native American art.  Love. It.

It’s Spring Break and 1/2 price day so we all went. Eric wore his scrubs so he could go right to work, and Dylan met us there after his classes at Western….




Unfortunately the whole exhibit was one small room of paintings, that was it. Soooo disappointing.  After seeing what little there was to see at the Art exhibit, we wandered down to the 2 original museum buildings hoping they had changed and improved.  Neither had happened, unfortunately. But the old firehall is a lovely building…006


And, thankfully, my kids are great at making the best of these situations with their amazing sense of humor and laid back nature. I love them for it.  That’s Mikey, trying on a mask for us, after touring the incredibly creepy taxidermy room.  Shudder.


They had some baskets in a case. I think Native American baskets are some of the most beautiful things ever made by hand.  I could stand and look at them for a very long time and be very happy.


Then we wandered into the old City Hall building to see if anything there had changed.  It hadn’t either, but it’s got cool old wooden stair rails.

Stock Photo of Bellingham, Washington

Old City Hall now the Whatcom Museum

Not every adventure of exploration ends with an amazing discovery.  Today is an example of that.  But we had fun together in spite of it.  After Eric and Dylan left for work, I took Mike and Adrienne for doughnuts at Rocket and thanked them for being good sports.


Adrienne (11), Mike (17)

new rocket

(Rocket Donuts-if you haven’t been you should go.  Now. Yes, they have gluten-free. Go. They’re amazing and the decor is such fun with their old sci movie posters and stuff. We love it.)

So there you go. That was our Spring Break Adventure Fail.   🙂

It’s your day–Own It.

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One Response to Adventure Fail

  1. ramblingtart says:

    You guys make me smile. 🙂 I love that you can take a boring, disappointing trip and make it memorable and fun. XO

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