Spring Break Continues

Spring Break Day 2:

I give you New Game Syndrome for the game: Pathfinder


Mikey and Eric- creating their characters

There are happy sounds coming from the kitchen.  Eric and Mike are conference skyping with our son Chris and his friend Tyler. They are learning a new game together.  Since Chris got married and moved to Arizona, the 4 of them have played together online on the playstation every Monday night for over a year and a half. Tonight they are starting a different kind of game that they can play together online with the computer.  At the moment, they are “developing their characters” and playing a trial mission so they can all learn how the game works.  There is much laughing and teasing happening right now.  Sounds I have come to love. Some of the sweetest sounds I’ve ever heard: a dad deliberately finding ways to play and build relationships with his boys.  Eric’s always been exceptional at this.

Earlier today, friends invited the kids and I to have pizza in the park:


Isaac, Job, Mikey

Teenaged boys–how i love teenaged boys

and then we had Ice Cream at Edaleen Dairy:


Other random things:

I bought some new pens and blank book for doodling.


And our adventure in gardening has begun:


We’ve had vegetable gardens before.  True confession: I hate gardening.  Flower, vegetables, it doesn’t matter.  I don’t enjoy it. Gardens have to be fussed over and doted over.  Like children and dogs. And I already have children and dogs.


I want things that come back year after year whether I sing to them or not.  Like trees and shrubs.  (And patios and driveways.)  But vegetable gardens don’t work that way.


I did pick up some calla lilies that will love me by coming back year after year without any help from me. Priceless.

I would appreciate any help, suggestions, tips, you have.  Please cheer me on.  There will be much muttering under my breath in the coming months.

Own the Day!!!

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One Response to Spring Break Continues

  1. ramblingtart says:

    So much fun and togetherness and good memories. 🙂

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