My Husband’s Nose Ring

I’ve been having the craziest dreams lately.  This morning, as I was waking up, Eric and I were at a midwifery house on a date. It was a big 2 store house with lots of bedrooms where women can have babies. And apparently, if you’re not having a baby there, it’s a great place to relax. At least that’s how it was in my dream.  As we were paying the bill to leave (they charge you to sit in a room and relax), I realize that Eric has had his nose pierced, which, he informs me, is the “real” reason we’re there. And I’m looking at him like he’s crazy, because they only pierce, they don’t provide jewelry so he’s using one of my stitch markers as a nose ring.  It was a mint green.

Today was the First Day of Spring Break.  Mike took Adrienne and a friend to the skating rink, while Eric took me to the Bay to stare at the sea for awhile.


For 11 yrs, we lived a 5 minute drive to the water.  Moving to our quaint lovely little town had only one downside: I’m now 35 min from the water.  Apparently Eric can tell when I’m approaching critical mass, and in the interest of my sanity, takes me to the water.  We needed to do chores.  We needed to buy a hot water heater. We needed to fix Mikey’s bicycle.  But he drove to the water because he said this was the most important thing today. One of many reasons he’s my Favorite.

A couple weeks ago, we celebrated Dylan’s 21st birthday by taking him and his friend, Kate, and Mikey out for appetizers and drinks….


Kate, Mikey and Dylan

(no, Mike is not drinking alcohol..must clarify because I just know *someone* is thinking it)

I started a baby blanket the other day.  And, after promising myself with the unbreakable pinky swear, that I would never, no never, not ever, knit a chevron blanket, …I’m knitting a chevron blanket.

I’m a child of the 60s, so you have to understand that I grew up in a time when every home in North America had the requisite Ugly Striped Chevron Blanket laid over the back of the couch. And the color scheme always included some hideous green the  color of old guacamole and dirty burnt orange– an orange I’ve never seen anywhere else except in those blankets.

I have no excuse for breaking the pinky swear.  I just loved the picture of the blanket on ravelry and had to try it.


Here’s my color palette. And, to add to the irony of it all, that lovely jewel tone emerald green there?  Guess what it’s name is?  Yep, you got it.


Own the Day!

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6 Responses to My Husband’s Nose Ring

  1. Oh my gosh. Your sense of humor totally cracks me up! You even dream in good humor. Who else does that? Love it that you are breaking a pinky swear. Way to live on the edge.

    • asplashofgrace says:

      Yes, I’m a WILD one, as you know…living on the edge. 🙂 I wonder what wildness I will get into today. Miss you!!!

  2. Melody says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! Guacamole! Ahahahahaha! Remind me, some day, to take a pic of the truly hideous afghan I crocheted my grandmother when I was in the much-dreaded Middle School. I never thought it would come home to roost after her death. Heck, I never thought she would KEEP it…You’re cracking me up today!

    • asplashofgrace says:

      Oh Mel, we really do need a picture of the Truly Hideous Afghan. 🙂 Did you see Cheri’s? On my facebook status where I posted the blog update. Oh gosh those colors. Love you!!!!

      • Melody says:

        i’ll drag it out one of these days and memorialize my first effort at crocheting… Did I mention the fact that it is a Granny Square? And when I say Granny Square I mean it is one very large Granny Square. I didn’t know how to sew them together back them so I figured., “What the heck, what could be wrong with one great big over-sized Granny Square?” Hahahaha! My gramme was a very gracious woman.
        Love you more!

  3. ramblingtart says:

    I am dying over your dream. 🙂 That is hysterically funny! 🙂

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