75 days till Christmas

I’m sitting here staring at the mantel that is decorated with an orange and red fall leaf garland.  Down below sit 3 pumpkins.  One has a jack o lantern face that you can plug in and light up, the other two are real pumpkins that my daughter is decorating with colorful brads.

I’m telling you, if you’ve got younger kids, get them a pile of brads and a couple pumpkins and watch them create amazing designs.   All they have to do is poke those puppies into those pumpkins. Brilliant. Wish I’d thought of it, but I  got it from a magazine. Reminds my a bit of Lite Brite from whense I was but a young thing.  But I digress….

In the midst of  All Things Autumn, I’ve been knitting Christmas stockings to replace the over-sized mittens I knitted years ago.  The grocery stores aren’t the only places Halloween and Christmas are colliding.


Stocking #1 is finished.  

As soon as it was done, I cast on for the next one…


…because I must knit stockings until the Stocking Mood passes.  I never have any idea how long a Knitting Mood will last.  I can be rolling merrily along with no end in sight and suddenly just completely tank on the whole thing.

Also, I have been knitting on Wednesday mornings with the other moms from school.  There are now 7 of us knitting. Here are the brave souls that allowed me to take their picture as “Proof that Knitting is Happening”.


Knit Club goes to school

Any Christmas prep happening at your house?

Own the Day!

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One Response to 75 days till Christmas

  1. Krista says:

    Your stockings are dream stockings, Marie! 🙂 I absolutely love them with their chunky nature and beautiful designs. How fun to be able to collect things to fill them with. I would like very much have stocks for Bear and I this year. I will have a ponder on what to use. Maybe one of my medieval stockings? 🙂

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