From one end to the other

I’ve been sick again.  (of course I have) and thus the quietness on the Blog Front.  I have a wee little break in maladies so I wanted to check in. It’s nice to remember there’s a big huge world outside my house with people in it and everything.

I had a root canal (I’ve had 5 or 6) but this one had the Worst Pain Since Labor, which 24 hours later became the Puking Flu, which left me with blurry eyesight.  (who gets blurry eyesight with the flu?  Apparently, I do. Of course I do.)  This was followed the next week with Every Joint Swollen and aching all over, which was, a week later, followed by a  Cold.  Yep, it’s been a month.  Somewhere in there the dog got a double ear infection. (of course she did)


Every thing is resolving, thankfully, except the vision thing, which is taking it’s sweet time.  The eye doc assures me the Weird Virus Only Marie Can Get will resolve itself.  I certainly hope so.

As for All Things Knitted, I’m still working on the sweater I’m making for myself and the baby girl blanket.


(pieces for baby girl blanket)

And last night I decided I needed something I don’t really have to count or think about, but truly wasn’t in the mood for socks, but more in the mood for something different entirely and found this dropped stitch scarf thing and went for it.  I’m really really liking it and it’s something I can knit during church and hopefully will like it all the way to a scarf and not stop at Large Potholder.


and here’s a picture of Molly giving me kisses:


She is feeling MUCH better and that awful disgusting dog ear infection smell is gone.  yay!

Own the Day!

laugh. dance. learn. create. knit.

or whatever you love to do

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2 Responses to From one end to the other

  1. ramblingtart says:

    I LOVE the pic of you and Molly!! 🙂 I’m so glad this no good, horrifyingly awful month is nearly over and that you’re close to feeling normalish again. XO Love you!

  2. Ann says:

    OH poor you! I wish I was closer so I could give you a great big hug. How wretched for you. so glad you are getting over it all. I LOVE the colour and pattern of the “dropped stitch scarf thing”, hope you have the energy to make it long enough.;-)

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