The Happy that is Red

(This post was written from a prompt: RED.  I then just wrote without planning or thinking too much about it and without editing.)

Thoughts on The Happy that is Red.

Red makes me happy.

Red decorations, red clothes, red cars, red curtains, just about anything red.

It’s my favorite color ever.

I bought red yarn years ago.  The perfect red yarn for the perfect sweater I’m going to knit for myself.  I finally started it the other day:


It can’t just be any red, but the “real” red.  Not the orangy red, or the brick red, but true lovely Christmasy red.

It’s a feast for my eyes.

I try to keep things in front of my eyes that make my heart sing since I’m home pretty much all the time being a mom and home educating and being chronically ill.  I can get tired of being at home, seeing the same furniture, the same messes, the same rooms day after day. I don’t leave there to go to another environment, so I try to keep things that make my eyes happy.  And that involves lots of red.

I even paint my toenails red.  Never any  other color, just red.  And when I see my toes I have to smile in spite of myself, no matter how hard the day is.

Own the Day!

Laugh. Dance. Learn. Create. Knit

or whatever you love to do

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One Response to The Happy that is Red

  1. ramblingtart says:

    I love all the splashes of red at your house, Marie. 🙂 They made me happy when I was there. 🙂 I have bits of it in my house too – red cushions, red rug, red plaid shirts thrown over the backs of chairs. 🙂

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