I’m not sure what happened

I started knitting hats.  And couldn’t stop.





All the hats are destined for Christmas presents.

And then I couldn’t help it.  I had to try crocheting an old fashioned baby bonnet.  Design mine.  Very simple. But then, wouldn’t bonnets have been simple long ago?


Isn’t it sweet?

In other news, we didn’t make it to the zoo today.  The skies opened and dumped buckets of rain. I think I was far more disappointed than the girls.  I want to see the babies-the zoo has baby otters and jaguars, and a baby giraffe. Instead, we are waiting until next week, when the weather people promise us 80 degrees and clear skies.

We did have one last hurrah before school starts tomorrow-a sleepover and Back to School Brunch and Teacher Workday. The teacher workday consisted of sipping coffee while looking through school and knitting books and talking extensively about each.


Lona and Adrienne about to start 6th grade

And it wouldn’t be complete without Back To School Survival Baskets:


Own the Day!

Laugh. Dance. Learn. Create. Knit.

or whatever you love to do

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2 Responses to I’m not sure what happened

  1. Been there, done that. The hats, I mean. When Heather was PG with Janzen I started knitting hats and I think I stopped at 16. They’re just so darn cute and easy. Yours are beautiful like always, and the bonnet is precious!

  2. ramblingtart says:

    You are hilarious! 🙂 I LOVE all your hats and wish you quadruplets in the lives of someone else so you can lavish them with these beauties. 🙂

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