It’s been nearly 6  months since I was gobsmacked with a bladder infection and finally I think I may be getting mostly toward “normal”.  It’s amazing what a big bright world there is when things down yonder aren’t angry all the time.

In spite of everything, I have been knitting a wee bit.  I got some medieval inspired knitting done and shipped off to Australia for the Brisbane Medieval Festival.  Not much knitting, mind you, but a little.  And the things I knit were my own designs, which made those things even more special to me.


(photos by Leslie Parks, Parks Academe)

The plan is to have medieval inspired mitten and coin purse patterns up for sale on Ravelry in September.

Health issues notwithstanding, we managed to have Christmas, New Years, and a truckload of birthdays.  Our latest round of birthdays, held at the local pizza parlor (a brilliant idea, I must confess) celebrated both our girls’ birthdays, they turned 25 and 11 yrs.


A bit of current knitting:


Socks.  My migraine knitting.  The knitting I do when the headache hasn’t reached “I just want to die” yet, but it’s very close.


This will be a wee little baby vest.  Sock yarn. Tiny needles.  Very sweet.


Isn’t this lovely?  There was a yarn sale…..

I have a very supportive husband.  Who happens to like to brew his own beer.  Which requires heaps of equipment. I’m all over encouraging his creativity. He returns the favor by embracing phrases like “yarn sale“, and, “1/2 off“.

I have no idea what I’ll do with it. Right now, it’s enough to just stare at its loveliness.  It totally makes me happy.

Own the Day!

Laugh. Dance. Learn. Create. Knit.

…or whatever you love to do.

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5 Responses to Gobsmacked

  1. ramblingtart says:

    Im so happy you are feeling well enough to blog again. Woohoohoo!! I’ve missed your posts and pics. Your medieval mittens are stunning!!! (Great pics, Leslie!!) So excited to see your new patterns as you create them. I just love your work. 🙂

  2. Bev says:

    Wow, those mittens are simply AMAZING!! Wowowowow!!! I need to own a pair someday!! Hug you and so thankful you are improving!! YAY!!

  3. Ann says:

    Glad you are back! Just love the mittens, they are so cheery! And that yarn……definitely for a special something. 😉

  4. sue says:

    Love the mittens x

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