Back at It-whatever “it” is

I’ve been wanting to blog since the last forever ago blog I wrote.  And the thought has been overwhelming as of late.  But I got the nicest message from a sweet lady about dying with kool aid and it inspired me to just do it.  Blog it.  Whatever IT is right now.  (Thank you Michelle!)

I’m still knitting for the Medieval Festival in Brisbane.   I’ve got a few more mittens knitted and a few more patterns graphed.  But mostly I’m just enjoying the knitting and the creating of things.


I’m calling this pattern Christianna.

I have to tell you the happy thing we did.  We took the kids to Disneyland last week.  (All but one kid and spouse was able to go.) We had a great time meeting Pluto and Jessie and Tinkerbell, riding the little kids rides as well as the big kid rides and being at The Happiest Place on Earth for a few days. I mostly did okay physically, was walloped by the time we left, but it was worth it.


Dylan (20), Eric, Me, Adrienne (almost 11), Mike (16), Darren and Nicole (25)


Adrienne and I with Tinkerbell


New mitten pattern with “Disney” colors-I’m calling this one Arielle.


“Arielle” done in Medieval wool/silk blend and colors

My medieval folks at Black Wolf Caravan are busy making, creating, building and sewing stuff in preparation for their Medieval activities soon to start in June.  You can find all sorts of  their amazingness happening at

For example–Look at these that the Shaman/Healer carries-



The blog post for these pictures is found here:

I am hoping to get loads of knitting done this weekend.  So I’d best get back to it.  I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Laugh. Dance. Learn. Create.  Knit

or whatever you love to do.

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3 Responses to Back at It-whatever “it” is

  1. Kevin says:

    You need to do a pattern in the traditional Red, Yellow, and Black of Mickey! 🙂



    • knittingthemoment says:

      That’s a GREAT idea!!! And I love those colors. Hmmm, I will have to go buy yarn now, darn it. 🙂

  2. Michelle York says:

    A lovely weekend to you to..

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