We’re glad she’s not her mother

 Our children don’t always love what we love.  Darn kids.  As Nicole, (my 25 yr old) was growing up, I taught her all sorts of handwork and other creative things in an effort to find some creative outlet that would bring her joy.  Cross stitch, embroidery, crochet, knitting, quilting, baking, cooking–in each case she completed a small project to give her  taste of the craft.  She hated all of it.  Or maybe just a strong dislike…nope, she hated it.


Nicole’s beauty.

 I didn’t try to guilt her into liking things that bring  me so much joy.  My mother spent my growing up super frustrated with me as her intense love of sewing and quilting did not transfer to me.  She tried to make me love it.  I have the baby quilt I made to prove it.  What she didn’t understand was that it wasn’t that I didn’t inherit her desire to create, I just didn’t inherit her desire for sewing.  I hate it. Truly.  And it hates me back.


Nicole’s hand-painted original cartoon

I’m glad I own a sewing machine in that I’ve been able to repair clothing for my family and if I get a hankering for some pretty cloth napkins I can make my own.  (which isn’t going to happen before pigs fly, just sayin’)  


Nicole’s wallpaper

Nicole’s creativity comes in the form of drawing, painting and flower arranging-and other amazing things.  She drew and painted a cartoon the other day that just astounded me.  She is so full of creativity.  And I’m glad it’s  not mine.  I get to enjoy a whole other aspect of what creativity looks like and I totally love that.




Nicole’s flower arrangement

Go out and enjoy the difference in creativity today.  Look for it.  It’s all over the place…some of it is very cute…



“Thank you…for joining me in the rain.”

Laugh. Dance. Learn. Create. Knit

or whatever you love to do

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2 Responses to We’re glad she’s not her mother

  1. Karen Ohlson says:

    I’m glad your not your mother too. I enjoy you for you and wouldn’t want it any other way

  2. Krista says:

    I love this SO much!! Your Nicole is a treasure and I adore her amazing talents. Her drawings are fantastic!! You both never cease to amaze me with your creative brilliance. Love you both heaps. XO

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