Cast off 2012. Cast on 2013.

(Yep that is a cheesy title.  But I couldn’t resist.)



2013 is the Year of the Snake

Someone asked, “What new (knitting/crocheting) skills are you planning on learning in the New Year?”

 I don’t have any.  I’m more project driven.  Here are the projects I hope to get done this year:  (please keep your laughter to a minimum)

**12+ fingerless mitts (I knit while I ride the stationary bike)

**half a dozen cowls

**at least 4 Christmas stockings

**a baby boy vest with cables  (don’t start with me, I can dream)

**at least 1 hexagon crocheted baby blanket

Wow that looks good all written down, doesn’t it?  But since I primarily knit what smacks me in the face at any given moment, my list at the end of the year will look nothing like this list.  I love that. Really, knitting is a surprise for me.

What are you planning on this year?

Laugh. Dance. Learn. Create. Knit.

(or whatever turns your crank)


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One Response to Cast off 2012. Cast on 2013.

  1. Krista says:

    That cheesy title cracks me up. It’s SO you. 🙂 This year I want to make one quilt, wood-burn Christmas ornaments for all my friends, and make cheese all by myself. I’d really, really like to learn how to knit. Only two months until Autumn and then perhaps I’ll get my chance. 🙂

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