Knit 1, Pee 2

Christmas has been lovely.  Eric had the evening off in spite of working the 4 evenings both before and after it.  Nicole and Darren were here,  and we skyped with the kids that weren’t.

And Jack Frost brought us snow for Christmas.


We had ate, played games, and goofed off for the camera…


096Mike, Adrienne, Dylan

106Mike, Dylan

120Eric and Me

I did all of this celebration and frivolity with a UTI.  To say I’m uncomfortable and feeling crappy is an understatement.  I’m knitting when I feel up to it, trying to bury my angry bladder in the comforting rhythm that is knitting.

Hopefully some knitting pictures tomorrow.

Laugh. Dance. Learn. Create. Knit

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One Response to Knit 1, Pee 2

  1. Krista says:

    Absolutely fantastic pictures! How they make me grin. 🙂 Wishing you quick and thorough healing, and MUCH strength to endure until then. XOXO

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