Adrienne’s Hat

Adrienne wanted I should knit her a hat-which is funny because she really doesn’t wear hats in spite of the fact that she looks super cute in them.  But you know, when a 10 yr asks you to knit her a hat, you do.  No questions asked.  Her hat is knit with the yarn she dyed herself at Knit Club.  Super easy pattern looks fancy.  The repeat is:

K2 P2 for 3 rounds.

YO, Ktbl, P2 for 1 round.

 I used this pattern for the cuffs of mittens and they turned out really cute.  It would look great in socks, too, a notch up from a plain sock.

Hubby Eric and I went to a restaurant wherein you are encouraged to draw on the table.  (ok, maybe just the little kids, but why should I miss out on the fun just because I’m trapped in a 47 yr. old body?)

Have a little creative fun today.

Laugh. Dance. Learn. Create. Knit

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One Response to Adrienne’s Hat

  1. Krista says:

    That is amazing!!! GO ADRIENNE!!! I’m so very impressed. And slightly ashamed of my fear of knitting now. 🙂

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