A-Swatching I go

I hate swatching.  Even though I know it’s good for me.  So I rarely ever swatch.  It’s like I know vitamins are good for me, but rarely take them. And I know exercise is good for me but I try to talk myself out of  it each day.

But today I have to swatch.  My 10 year old asked me to knit her a winter hat.  This is her first knitting request EVER and so it must be right.  She goes off to school part time so there are actually people she knows that will see the hat so it must be a good hat,  a hat she’ll be proud of, which means first off— it better fit.

Thus, the swatch.

I didn’t want to dig out the right needles.  I was feeling lazy so grabbed the first circs I could find that are short enough to make a hat and they happen to be the size that isn’t recommended with this weight yarn.  Adrienne’s yarn.  She wants a hat to be knitted from the yarn she dyed herself at Knit club last month.

Thus, the swatch.  That’s just proves how much I love her.

In other news, I’m still knitting mittens….i have this unrealistic notion that I will get so many pairs of mitts done in time for Christmas that I will be able to give a pair everyone I know.  So I just keep knitting them.  This morning I managed to finish a cuff while riding the exercise bike.  It’s a good thing that bike is stationary cuz I was weaving all over the road.  Never knit and ride.

Knitting a mitten in the hospital cafeteria while hubby attends a staff meeting.

Laugh. Dance. Learn. Create. Knit

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2 Responses to A-Swatching I go

  1. I love today’s posting. Hope you found the right-size needles for Adrienne’s perfect hat. The color is beautiful and will look so nice on her. Keep up the good work, but not while riding your bike on the road. Love ya!

  2. ThisANNthat says:

    Oh my! You crack me up – I have mental images of a crazy knitting lady weaving through traffic, causing bedlam but arriving triumphant with a finished project!! Thank you!

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