“Wind Yarn in Public” Day

At Grace Cafe, eating pie and  scones and winding the yarn we dyed at Knit Club 2 weeks ago…

We don’t just knit and crochet in public…we wind yarn.  LOTS of yarn.

This yarn is Karen’s–perfect Caribbean colors….

This is Lona’s Red, White and Blue yarn.  She wants to make fingerless gloves with it.  Did I mention Lona is 10?  She’s amazing.

Doesn’t this look like candy canes?  Leslie’s came out perfect shades of pink and red….

Karen and Leslie

After we wound, and ate, the girls knit and crocheted while we chatted it up and laughed.  A lot. And I worked on this cowl…it’s a Christmas present.  Sshhh. Don’t tell.

I sent everyone home with  more naked yarn to dye.  They have promised to post pictures on KnittingTheMoment facebook page when they get it done.  Betcha can’t wait.

 Me neither.

Laugh. Dance. Learn. Create. Knit.

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One Response to “Wind Yarn in Public” Day

  1. Krista says:

    Absolutely gorgeous colors – so pretty you want to eat them. 🙂 XO You guys are all beautiful and I LOVE that you have this creative outlet. 🙂

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