Alive and Knitting

It’s now been 6 months I’ve been “stranded in the Delta Quadrant.”  As life ebbs and flows with change I find myself with a spot of time and enthusiasm to do a bit of blogging.  Here are some projects I’ve worked on since we last chatted in October.

October-baby sweater completed

October-plugging away on toddler cape

October-baby sweater

That’s my Toby.

November-baby sweater

November-a scarf for Mike

December-baby cape

January’s Socks

Winter booties-I’ve been cranking out baby booties like mad with leftover sock yarn

February-fingerless mitts

February/March socks

March-my birthday swift

March-baby dress (knit for my cousin’s baby)

Obvious reasonable questions:

Do you have a baby that you’re knitting for?   No.  My youngest is 9 yrs old.

Do you have a grandbaby that you’re knitting for?  No.  No grandbabies yet.

Do you have a friend with a baby that you’re knitting for?  No.

I just knit whatever pattern I see that I fall in love with, using whatever yarn I love most at the moment even if there isn’t a clear recipient in mind.  Lately those patterns  have been girl baby things.  My knitting philosophy is KNIT WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.  I don’t have to knit to keep my family warm and clothed.  I knit because I enjoy it, so I don’t knit practical things for my family, I knit what makes me happy.

What have you been creating while I’ve been away?

Laugh. Dance. Learn. Create. Knit.

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3 Responses to Alive and Knitting

  1. Melody Goff says:

    Nothing, zip, zero, nada. Sad but true. I just haven’t been motivated which is crazy because I love to knit! I need to get on back in the zone! I love all the things you have knit since October, I am insanely jealous of your mad skills. OK, not really but I am always impressed! Hugs, friend.

  2. Krista says:

    Mike’s Scarf Pose is cracking me up. 🙂 You make the most gorgeous things, my friend. I wish I had a passel of babies just so you could dress them adorably and I could take their pictures and send them back to you. 🙂 XO

  3. Ann says:

    I have a half made scarf but the weather has turned warm so it will probably sit until next winter! Your creations are so bright and cheerful, I feel happy just looking at them. 😉

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