Post Wedding Stress Disorder

It really wasn’t a stressful wedding as weddings go; it was more that there was just so much going on all at the same time, and it takes me awhile to recover from things.  My husband kindly informed me some years back: “You are a tugboat.  You move large loads slowly.” When he said it, we were on a drive on Whidbey Island (one of my most favorite places) and I had tears streaming down my face.  I was tired, discouraged and hopeless.  His declaration made me smile through those tears and has given me the hope I need as I muddle my way through a low energy life.

Tugboat in New York Harbor

I’m still trying to get on my feet, but I have been a happy content girl (well, mostly): knitting,

packing Dosirak (bento- in Japanese) lunches for the kids

and trying to do a bit of pilates.  (A joke by anyone’s standard, but my scoliosis demands I “strengthen my core”.  I am hoping eventually to find my core.)  I’ve got my elementary, high school and college students back in school, and my husband started his BSN this week.

What I want to be doing is teaching.  I want to be teaching people to knit.  I want to sit and visit and get to know people and enjoy their amazing lives while we learn together to build things with sticks and beautiful yarn.  That’s my desire.  I’d love to be doing it in the next month.  We’ll see how the tugboat thing goes.

In the meantime, I started another little baby sweater, not that there’s a baby to wear it, but because I knit what I am in love with at the moment. Right now it’s this:

HELENA Sweater

I warn you-if you look at it, you’ll have to knit it.

laugh. dance. learn. create. knit.


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3 Responses to Post Wedding Stress Disorder

  1. Karen says:

    Hey Marie – Can you teach me to knit that baby kimono sweater. It is just too cute and my niece is due to have her baby girl within a couple of weeks, but really, could be any day now. I still need to make her the booties and hat (those mittens got me distracted), but I’m ready to start now. I was thinking the kimono would look cute with them. Karen

  2. Crystal Johnson says:

    It’s a beautiful sweater.

  3. Krista says:

    You’re amazing, luv! My favorite tugboat friend ever. 🙂 XO

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