K2gether Mittens Addendum (pt. 5)

Hey Friends, we’re just a few days from the wedding and I’m using knitting as Stress Reduction Therapy.  In addition to the wedding, school started this week-which means we’re up to our ears in homework, class schedules and backpacks.  Mike has drum lessons and Adrienne has art class, the dog needs a booster vac, the other dog has another ear infection–it’s just normal ordinary life with out of town company and a wedding mixed in.  It’s a fun, exciting, chaotic time.  We’re enjoying these days as much as we can.

Here are a couple free mitten patterns:

Hello New York Mittens


Tweedy Mittens

with these I suggest if you’re a first timer to double pointed needles, just knit the whole mitt in one color.


Double Pointed Needles (DPNs) They are just what they sound like-they have points on each end.  With them, you can knit in a round. DPNs come in different lengths-longer ones so you can knit a sleeve onto a sweater and short ones to knit socks and mittens.

Knit Picks

I bought the set above just so I would have short enough dpns to knit mittens.

(photo by Craft Stylish showing how to knit in a round cuz I’m too busy to take my own picture)

Double pointed needles aren’t hard, just a bit cumbersome when you start. And you have to be able to set your knitting down somewhere safe.

I hope you have fun and enjoyed our K2gether Mittens. When the dust settles after the wedding, perhaps we’ll try another one with a bit more challenging skills.

laugh. dance. learn. create. knit.


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