K2gether Mitts! (pt. 4)

Hi friends.  Well this is it.  We’re finishing mittens today.  I hope you’re having fun with them and seeing that they really aren’t hard after all.  Next week I’ll have a free mitten pattern for you and a few words about double pointed needles.  My daughter is getting married in less than 2 weeks-so please bear with my lack of posting.  I promise I’ll be back with enthusiasm and ideas soon.

Cast off. If you’re new to knitting, Cast off or Bind off is the same thing.  Knit the 1st 2 stitches of the round like normal, then with your left needle, lift the 1st stitch that you knitted up and over the 2nd stitch and off the right needle, so now you only have 1 stitch. (You have bound off or cast off 1 stitch.)  Knit another stitch.  Lift the stitch on the right over the  stitch on the left and off the needle. Continue in this way across the row.  (try to keep your stitches kinda loose)  At the end of the round, you’ll have 1 stitch left.  Cut the yarn about 6″ and pull the tail of the yarn through the last stitch to make a knot.

Now turn your mitt inside out and using the 6″ tail, sew it up.  Way to go!!!!


Tackling the thumb:

You’re going to cut that waste yarn you used to mark where the hole for the thumb would go. Go slow. Don’t panic. As you cut, little by little pull out the waste yarn at the top and you’ll see little loops just waiting for you to do something amazing with them.  Slide your knitting needle into those loops as you go.

If the bottom loops are coming out, too, don’t panic.  Take a sewing needle and some yarn and thread some yarn through those bottom ones so that they can wait for later. (Usually thumbs are done with double pointed needles, and knit in a round.  Since I wanted this to be simple enough for a beginner and people that might be a bit afraid of double pointed needles, we’re knitting two flaps (bottom and top) and sewing them together just like we did the top of the mitten. The shaping isn’t great, but it gives you the idea and concept of what you’re doing.  You can do something harder next time.)

You should have about 8 stitches on your needle.  Now you’re going to take those circulars that you’ve been going round and round with, and instead, go back and forth like they are plain straight needles.  (and this is why I LOVE circulars-they can be used as circs or straights.)

Knit the knit side and then Purl coming back. Do this for 13 or 14 rows whichever ends with a purl row.

On your next knit row, knit 2 together at each end.

Purl back.

Knit 2 together at each end of next row.

Purl back.

Cast off.

Turn inside out and sew up.

Put your mitten on.  You did it!  You made a mitten!


You took a couple pointy sticks and some yarn and made a mitten out of it. A band is playing for you.

******Now when you make your 2nd mitten, make sure with the thumb, you put it on the other side.  So you’ll knit the waste yarn 7 stitches before your 2nd marker, which is the same as knit 9, knit 7 onto the waste yarn. That gives you a thumb for the left hand.******

Right hand mitten.

I had a comment about the shape of this mitten being too boxey.  Again, yes, I know.  It’s not shaped as well as it could be. But that’s because I wanted even a newbie to be able to knit mittens and not have to mess with 4 or 5 double pointed needles right off.  I wanted everyone to get the concept and for that we sacrificed some shaping.

Mitts I knit last winter for my daughter, Adrienne.

Would love if you wanted to send me a pic of you and your mitts-would love to see what you’ve created.  Happy Knitting!

laugh. dance. learn. create. knit.


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2 Responses to K2gether Mitts! (pt. 4)

  1. Jellidonut says:

    Your mittens are lovely, even the “boxey” ones. You make a good point about newbie knitters being able to easily make them. That’s important.

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