A Knit2gether: MITTENS

Okay friends, we’re gonna do it.  We’re gonna have us a Knit2gether.  This is where we knit the same thing together a bit at a time.  We are gonna knit a pair of plain mittens that will look like this:

The point of this Knit2gether, is that I hope peeps that may have avoided mittens because they require double pointed needles, will give these a try as they are on a circular needle which is far easier to work with. Then, you’ll have enough confidence to grab some double points and attack any mitten pattern that catches your fancy.

At the end, I’d love for each of you to send me a pic of your mittens so that I can see, and if you give permission I would love to post a pic on the blog.  Like one of those open houses at school when we were kids.

Requirements: 1. You have to know how to do a long tail cast on, a knit stitch and a purl stitch.  That’s it.  Also, this is a kid friendly project-grab a kid and make it a party.  If you don’t have your own, borrow the neighbor’s. It’s summer, they’ll thank you.

2. You will need a – 9 inch, size 7, circular needle.  Not a 12 inch.  It has to be an 8 or 9 inch.  12 inches from tip to tip will be too long and won’t work.  Don’t let anyone sell you anything else.  And it doesn’t matter if the tips are metal or bamboo-use whatever you prefer if you have a preference.  (I prefer stainless, but I was desperate and didn’t want to wait, so I bought bamboo. Neither is better or worse, don’t let it ruin a friendship.  Bamboo tends to be grabbier and stainless tends to be slicker. If you’re new to knit, you might like bamboo better, the yarn doesn’t slide off the needle as easily when you’re not looking.)

Okay the thing with needles:

Size 7 refers to how thick the needle is that you’re actually working with- the bigger the number, the fatter the needles.  Circular is the type-the needles are joined by a cable so that you can knit in a round.  9 inches is how many inches the circular needles are from tip to tip.  They look like this:

tip to tip measuring 9″

just lying there with cool sunglasses

These needles will also make socks and baby hats.

3. Worsted weight yarn–3 oz./85 grams,  aprox 145 yds/133 m.  The yarn should say worsted weight on the tag band thing attached to it, or have a symbol of a little skein of yarn with a 4 in it like this:

If you want a cool chart about yarn weights click: Cool Yarn Chart

If you’re super new to knitting, choose a lighter color yarn-it’s way easier to see what’s going on while your knitting and easier to count and things (if it comes to that).

4. Tip protectors.  They look like this:

They will save you from pulling your hair out due to knitting sliding off the needles when you’ve set your knitting down to make dinner. It happens.  Like socks that disappear in the dryer.

That’s it.  I’m gonna give us all a week to go pick out some yarn and buy needles and I’ll give you the first set of directions next week.

(P.S. If you don’t know a long tail cast on, don’t let it stop you. Email or Facebook me.  We’ll figure it out and get you going.  It’s not hard and you’re smart.)

(And if it looks as though I’ve forgotten something or whatever PLEASE let me know.)

laugh. dance. learn. create. knit.

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10 Responses to A Knit2gether: MITTENS

  1. Melody Goff says:

    I’m in! I am not afraid of dpns but for whatever reason I have never attempted mittens. Looking forward to working together! =D

    • Marie says:

      Yay! I’m so excited Melody! When we’re done with these, I was thinking about walking through a pair with dpns…maybe we’ll HAVE to get together! 🙂

  2. Amy B says:

    Ok, so maybe I will try this! I think you must have gotten me on an overly adventerous morning :)I have only done a hat and am kinda knitting purse right now……

  3. Jcoltran says:

    Love the way you write and use photos to illustrate. I’ve not used dpns before, and have not knitted in a very long time. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this, Count me in!

  4. Krista says:

    Oh how fun! I can’t knit to save my life, but I shall love seeing what all the rest of you create! 🙂

  5. OK – I’ll give it a try. How many skeins of yarn to I need? It’s hard to think about mittens with this beautiful weather we’re having. : )

    • Marie says:

      Great question! Thank you Karen. How could I forget to include how much yarn to buy? 1 skein, 3 oz/85 gr. should be enough for a pair of adult mittens. I so appreciate you asking! Hugs.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The top of the mitten pictured looks like it needed a few more rows – decreasing a couple more rounds before closing top. It looks like sock method using kitchner stitch…but squarer than any I’ve ever seen before 😉

    • Marie says:

      You’re absolutely right–they do need a few more rounds before closing, but I’m trying to create a pattern easy enough for a beginner that’s intimidated by double points. Can’t get too small on the circs and therefore the mitt is a bit, um, square. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!

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